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Make every cow count
Why SCR?
Thousands of dairy farmers worldwide have chosen SCR to help them improve efficiency and drive growth. They depend on SCR systems to provide the insights and analytics that are essential for optimizing the productivity of every cow and maximizing herd performance.
Key advantages that SCR brings to farmers include:
  • Increased profitability
  • Fast ROI
  • Advanced technology
  • Simplicity
By using SCR tags and systems to monitor health and reproduction at the individual cow level, farmers are gaining higher pregnancy rates, improved lactation curves and lower losses, which all work together to improve their profitability. For example:
  • D&D Dairy raised its 21-day pregnancy rate by 3% in a few months, while cutting culls due to mastitis and general mortality by almost one-third each.
  • Cannon Dairy reports more pregnancies, fewer days open, and increased production due to fewer days in milk – adding an estimated $130 in extra annual revenue per cow.
  • In addition to improving its heat detection accuracy and increasing conception rate, NingXia Nonkeng Farm is seeing long-term cost reductions thanks to the labor-reducing benefits of the SCR system.
  • With 200 cows, O-To-To Dairy Farm's milk production has increased by about $550 per day.

Fast ROI
Many farms realize a faster return on investment (ROI) from their SCR systems than they had expected. Some regain their investment almost completely through bottom-line savings in hormones, semen and/or medicines. Increased reproduction and milk productivity and labor efficiencies also contribute to a fast pay-off.
  • Funks Dairy has reduced ov-synch costs by 66% and mastitis and ketotis drug costs 30-33%, with SCR rumination monitoring. Karl Funk says: "The rumination monitoring will make the system pay for itself – and that's without even considering the heat activity part."
  • With drug and semen cost savings covering three-fifths of the cost and DA-related savings covering the rest, Bowman Dairy Farm expects the SCR system will pay for itself within 18 months.
  • Fast identification of sick cows, leading to more effective and cost-efficient treatment, and greater ability to plan ahead together enabled Dimri Dairy to recover the cost of its SCR system in less than one year.
  • Fertile Ridge Dairy has seen clear and immediate payback. Herd Manager Joel Sutter says: "On a month-to-month basis, we're saving in drug costs what we're paying for the technology."
Advanced Technology
SCR customers know they can depend on SCR to bring them technological breakthroughs that help improve cow and farm performance. Rumination monitoring – our most recent game-changing innovation – is a highlight technology for large and small farms.
  • Brent Moyer at Paramount Farms attributes their improvements in heat detection, reproduction and cow health to SCR's unique rumination technology, saying "It would be hard to go back to milking cows without it."
  • SCR rumination tags were vital to Givat Haim Me'uhad Dairy Farm saving almost all cows during an outbreak of Three Day Sickness. By immediately treating any cows whose rumination dropped, the farm lost only two cows, compared with 30+ at other farms of similar size.
  • A wide array of SCR systems are helping Kama Dairy Farm meet its business goals, including SCR rumination monitoring, heat detection, and milking control technologies. Oren Kama says: "Thanks to SCR technology, we have been able to grow our dairy business in ways never before thought possible."
SCR products and systems are designed for simple operation. Even the most powerful management solutions require only minimal training for basic tasks, and the learning curve for power-users is also fast and easy.
  • The whole team at Nicola Renato Farm found the SCR Heatime system quick and easy to learn. Alessandro Nicola said: "I understood immediately how it works and my employees learned to use it in 30 minutes."