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Founded in 1923 the company is now in the hands of the 3rd generation of the Haiges family. The company is located in Kirchheim am Neckar between Stuttgart and Heilbronn and lies in the middle of Swabia, which in old maps was called ”SUEVIA”, the land of the ”Suebs”. The company’s name is therefore derived from this earlier geographical area. The region itself is world-renowned for its inventors and excellent products and we feel bound to uphold these traditions.
Currently approximately 150 employees produce in house all the components for our products, which are exported worldwide. Our subsidiary RICO in Reims has represented us in French market for decades.
The brand new foundry produces the highest quality cast iron drinkers and our modern enamel plant guarantees an unsurpassable enamel finish. We attach great importance to the reliable operation of our drinkers. This is achieved using robust and long lasting valves, which we manufacture on our own automatic lathes.
So pigs, for example, are provided in an excellant way with fresh water due to the special shaped form of the bowl which prevents it from fouling. Moreover thanks to easy-running tube valves and ideal installation in the interior of the bowl animals can drink but not play with the valves, which reduces water spillage to a minimum. In addition easiness in water flow adjustment from outside by a regulation screw integrated in the valve gives the farmer in seconds the desired water flow quantity according the existing pressure conditions.
Our stainless steel troughs in different versions and lengths, either tip over or quick drainage versions, are produced by SUEVIA on the latest high-tech machines.
In addition, the rotomoulded products such as pasture troughs and calf huts are also produced on our own machines and round off our product range.
We remain abreast of market requirements continually improving our products and extending the range by taking part at all of the major worldwide agricultural fairs and through maintaining close contact to advance research establishments and of course to our customers, the farming community. Inhouse moulding and tooling shops allow us to react very quickly to changing market demands and also local needs.
SUEVIA can supply a complete trough, drinker and accessory program for animals of all ages. Our animal breeding and rearing products such as calf huts and cow brushes are also highly regarded world-wide and are very popular, too! We would like to stress that we welcome any and all of your suggestions and proposals to improve our products. All new ideas can be jointly further developed.
Water is the very foundation of life and the basis for successful breeding! Every animal should always have access to sufficient amounts of water. The SUEVIA drinker concept and philosophy aims at providing the ideal and most economical provision of water to your animals. An optimal drinking concept is the basic pre-requisite of not only ensuring healthy animals but also decisive for the success of your operation.