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The company "Iglus" was created by a group of Russian agrarian specialists in 2005.
Since 2002, as consultants for dairy farming, the future founders of the company Iglus conducted work on creation and promotion on the Russian market an innovative product for rearing calves outdoors – plastic individual box calf.
In 2005 the company "Igloos" made its first project in the Moscow region on the creation of a "calf village" sites with individual and group houses for calves whose age was from 0 to 5 months, inclusive. German partner – supplier group of houses was the company Holm&Laue GmbH (Holm and Laue GmbH), a supplier of heated drinking bowls for calves is a German company SUEVIA (Suevia).
The results obtained for the preservation and development of the calves are grown up to 5 months in the fresh air was great and this method began a rapid spread in the European part of Russia.
Today, the company "IGLUS" is a company — integrator of process equipment for the dairy and beef cattle farms. Partners-equipment suppliers are manufacturers from Germany, USA, France, Austria. Our company performs the design and equipment of dairy farms of any power equipment, as well as consulting support across all production processes.
2015 "IGLOOS" also offers its customers innovative solutions for crop production, such as liquid organo-mineral fertilizers, stabilizers nitrogen and phosphorus and other products.