Биоразлагаемый полимер НУТРИЧАРДЖ
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Article: Нутричардж
Цена указана за 1 л биополимера.
1 820 р.
Rubber Mat for cattle on a leash LENTA (Kraiburg)
Special offer
Article: LENTA
VendorKRAIBURG Elastick (Германия)
5 970 р.
3 980 р.
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Стабилизатор навоза ТРИЮН
Article: Триюн
0 р.
Rubber Mat for cattle in the recreation area WELA (Kraiburg)
Article: WELA LongLine
VendorKRAIBURG Elastick (Германия)
5 589 р.
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WELCOME to IGLOOS web-site!
IGLOOS - dynamically developing company in the field of supply and integration for cattle farm equipment and efficient solutions for the crop.
We are pleased to offer you a wide range of process equipment for dairy and for beef cattle farms, domestic and foreign production of the highest quality. In addition to the livestock equipment, we offer the following solutions for crop production, as liquid organic and mineral fertilizers, biodegradable polymers, the seeds of perennial grasses and others.
Our supplier partners are the largest and famous manufacturing plants in Germany, USA, Austria, Italy, France and Russia. Among the brands we have such well-known as KRAIBURG Elastick (Germany. The rubber mats for cattle), Holm & Laue (Germany. Equipment for calves), SUEVIA Haiges GMBH (Germany. Waterers for cattle), Rosensteiner (Austria . Equipment for hoof trimming), Miraco livestock Water Company (USA. Waterers for cattle), Agritubel (France. Household eqiipment), La Meccanica (Italy. Climate systems) and others. Also, we are always pleased to offer equipment of its own production of the brand "IGLOOS", developed and produced by our experts on the basis of more than 10 years of experience working with Russian farmers. Therefore, we can always ultimately offer the farmer the best technological equipment, fertilizers, seeds of the highest quality in the shortest time and at an affordable price.
In addition to large livestock complexes and farms we work with owners of small farms, family farms, smallholdings, and always ready to answer any questions and to choose the required equipment or a solution. Also in our range we have equipment for raising pigs, goats, sheep, horses.
For more than 10 years, our company has strong positions in the market and provides the most modern and proven solutions.
During the years of successful operation, the company IGLOOS acquired invaluable experience, as evidenced by numerous references from our clients.
If you have any questions during the ordering process, you can always access our help center by phone +7 (926) 800-16-19 or by using the online consultant online.
Eugene Zaitsev
Head of the farm SEC "Tavolzhan" separation "Nikulino" Tyumen region
We tried to solve the problem: in the summer the cattle found in open areas, in which the milking equipment, frankly, worse, that is on the farm...

Hall and Stable Equipment for loose housing cattle used to comfort animals in sections. The required components are comfortable stall arc with the right bend, adjustable depth mounting neck and chest tube stop...


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